50th Reunion Photos

September 28, 2021

Dear Fellow Classmates from Bountiful High Class of 1971,

Thank you for a successful 50th reunion!  What a beautiful and enjoyable time we had connecting with one another.  There was no pretense or attitude, just warmth and genuine recognition that we have all played a part in the lives of each other in some way.

They say that “old friends are the best friends!”  Well, my friends, we all fit that “old” category and recognize that the years are passing faster than ever.  There were many who were able to re-connect via Facebook as photos were posted, and many in our class (approximately 70) who are no longer with us.

A huge thank you to the committee for the time and energy put in to make this great event happen. This was a successful reunion!  

We owe the class a report on the finances of the evening.  After all expenses, we cleared $103, which will be kept in our class bank account for future expenses.

A discussion about the future for our class reunions has led to a decision to keep the website and Facebook pages on-going.  The committee came to a decision to have another reunion in five years! This will be casual again, as it was the consensus for why this event had such a great turn out.

The BHS website is another reason we have been able to successfully re-connect easily with one another which has fees to keep it active.  Scott Chaffin has continued to spend his time and personal funds to keep it going.  We have added a donation link on the home page in order to extend the site for another 10 years. Hopefully, those of you who look at this, or who have not delved into will find ample information about our classmates (which is private and secure).  The organization is complete with music of our time, history, and classmates (obituaries) and notices of current classmates.  This is truly a labor of kindness with the countless hours donated by Scott Chaffin.

The Bountiful71.com website costs approximately $300 per year to secure our domain name and pay the annual subscription to Class Creator who created and maintains this service to us and other schools across the country.

Our desire is that you would contribute any photos from the reunion or other class related photos to help us stay in touch.  You can find instructions for uploading your reunion photos on the Home Page. In the meantime please add to your personal profile and feel free to use the comment section and interface with one another as the next reunion comes to fruition and as you reconnect with fellow classmates.

Once again, thank you all for the great friendships we enjoy and for the great memories we have shared as Braves from the class of ’71 at Bountiful High School.



Greg Call and the 71 Class committee


Scott Chaffin
6 Photos  6/16/22
Mary Hatton Brown
40 Photos  6/30/22